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I am a natural born citizen of USA, now living in Hessen Germany. I am loving it.

As a child growing up in the 70s and 80s, life was simply existing. There were not any problems that I knew of. In my teens though…that is when things did start to appear. I cannot say what year that these changes started happening, but they were obvious.

It was also curious that these changes were because of many different people, not really because of a select few. These changes included problems in wages increases to mitigate the growing prices of rent, food, utilities, and more, all for greed.

But for me, the final brutal decider for moving was due to my car insurance. I was driving home one night on the local outer loop highway. A huge truck tire was laying in the middle lane. I had no chance to avoid it. They called it a one car accident. Due to legal, and unjust reasons, they raised my insurance rate. The repair costs were high, and would only cover for new parts, but did not consider “used” parts something they would fully cover. In short, and total rip off.

Then, I called to ask to have my rate returned to its original cost, they said I could fight it in court, but I would need to pay fifty dollars.

That did it, I realized I was living in a country where the current systems had zero sympathy for the average citizen. Time to leave.


About Germany.

The experience of living in Germany.