As I entered the office, the man behind the desk offered me a seat. He asked a few identifying questions. It was going pretty standard for renewing my residential permit, until I asked him to give me a permanent resident status. He said I would have to have 4 things in place for that.

  1. Valid time in Germany and allotment to stay (which I have)
  2. Proof of a job, or income (I have unemployment benefits)
  3. Proof of ability to speak at minimum A1 German proficiency. That is where it got funny, because he started speaking in German to me, and I responded perfectly. He was very surprised, and said, “okay, you have A1 for sure”.
  4. . If you cannot work, you need proof from a doctor as to why. Then we can give you permanent resident status.

So, now I am waiting on an appointment with a neuropsychologist to state why I am no longer able to work.