About a year ago I noticed something changing in the Amazon website owned by Jeff Bezos. It seemed things were taking a turn. I realize that I am just one person, which in the big picture is of no concern to the general public. But, in the view of the micro economic scale, this is an issue.

We all know that Amazon is an international retailer online. In the nutshell, he took the idea of the dot com industry failure and centralized it into one name, and many businesses came to him to sell. Brilliant idea. But, one large issue still cannot be changed, Human behavior. The third parties who were critical for making this system work are showing large signs of failure. The reason this failure is systemic and growing is beyond this posts ability to explain.

The part that bothers me the most is the historical, proverbial blind eye behavior. This systemic and recurring behavior is the achillies heal to major businesses. And, this is already in place with Amazon as a business. When 3rd party contractors behave in a semi invisible corrupt pattern, it affects both the business and the customer. But, if the company as a whole makes a huge profit, then this side issues are not dealt with, stopped, or make serious corrections to improve its core strength.

Amazon’s issues are many. From selling products that are of terrible quality, to shipment failures. These were not a problem in the beginning of the companies standards, and now, they are a standard. From making a business successful by providing quality in all areas, to allowing the business to accept profit from any sale is one big issue.

Since Amazon has become so big, and Jeff Bezos is now rich beyond measure, I think Amazon is no longer worth is membership, or ordering through. My expectations are now low for a successful transaction.

And, sadly to say, the thousands of people working through the company are not treated as they should be. Not by a long shot.

I am sad to say, I have canceled my membership in Germany, and will avoid ordering from Amazon. Now, I take a few extra minutes and look for the website directy from the company who sells the product. I have found the service is more personal, and less people involved in the process of buying a product.

Shame on you Jeff Bezos for becoming so rich and turning your power for good away from your company.

This also applies to Mark Zuckerberg who has changed Facebook into a terrible online system, and ignores is serious issues due to profit.

I will stop here because there are many rich people who behave the same way but I do not know their names….just their impact. Many of them clearly have no respect for humanity, in my opinion.