The lock down, or social controls in place are now going on for a long time. Many businesses are suffering. But there is a new theory, hopeful word, or conspiracy. There are some websites, social media accounts and or political platforms that are talking about a “reset”. They are claiming that this is supposed to happen in the next month or so. This will include a total change in banking, debt, and destruction of these deep state people. If this does occur, then¬† they are saying many things will change for the better.

As for the on going lock down….no one has transparent information about the truth. We are only going by what the leaders tell us. Sadly the information from main stream media has been proven USELESS. They are paid to spread fear, so in some cases we now know that some reports are outright lies.

Thankfully people are not reacting to small groups starting fights for attention. But we still need to keep our minds steady. Mass panic or rioting is a terrible route for expression. Putting pressure on the system is the best route. Education is the best route. Arresting and providing education, and teaching about emotions for self control to those who break the rules is the best route. Forcing the medical system to see the mind as part of standard medical care is critical, and should be done with every single patient. Natural medicines over pharma should be federally forced to be standardized.