In the last few months, a new neighbor has moved in up stairs. Since he moved in, things have taken a turn for the worse. Loud music a night, past 10pm which makes it illegal in all of Germany. Friends of his ringing my doorbell when he does not answer his own door. Yelling fights, and more. Sadly, the landlord ignores my concerns.

So, it is time to move out. But in this time (time being what is happening around my area of Germany) things are just barley starting to open up or relax.

But, thankfully, an apartment literally right next to my Son’s mom has opened up. So I am pushing very hard to nab it. But, the company who runs this complex called Gewobag (huge company across of Germany) tends to go a bit slow. But I have sent the application in, and I am waiting on the rep to contact me. Either its a yes, I can see it, and get it, or its a “sorry it has been rented”. If I do get it, then I can put plants on the balcony, I will have a bathroom with a tub, and best of all, my son can come to my place on a whim if he wishes. Even my ex says that it would be a good deal and help her with things.

So, you can believe me when I say I am praying a lot, and asking our father (God) to bless me with this new apartment.

And on a cute note, he can radio me by our walkie talkies. I got that idea from the movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins

it was a great movie.