Today was a huge surprise for me. As I was walking to the town people were walking with a bit of a skip in their step. There were…..”happy?”. I was in shock. I wanted to know why! I found out on the main street in town. All the shops were open, almost normal. 90% of restrictions had been lifted. People were in the stores shopping like crazy! It almost seemed like the week before Christmas, but in a happy way. Of course Christmas in the states is no longer a fun shopping experience. Its dreadful.

But, the sun was out, it was a bit hot, and I discovered I should not be wearing my favorite Irish cap. So, I stepped over the threshold of a few stores, and no one said anything about signing in, or needing an appointment. Not even a question about having a shot or negative covid test.

So, it was a good day to smile. I wonder if other states in Germany are having the same experience.

If anyone from Germany reads this blog / post, I would love to know other states news.