Okay, so I had to call Gewobag to have them navigate me to their form on their website. Its not obvious. Turns out it is a PDF file that you need to fill out on the computer, or hand write and mail it to them.

I used Libre office to edit the form. You can edit and export a PDF using Libre office…and Libre is for free. As a side note, did you know that the last computer I bought, did NOT have microsoft word, or any of the office products on the computer? They had installed Libre office instead. I am not sure why, but my own opinion is that microsoft windows, and microsoft office are too costly, and now other free or cheaper programs are coming out. People are slowly switching over. A second note is that I will be leaving windows soon, and switching to Linux Unbuntu. Its the same thing as windows, but free, faster, more secure. (back to the main story)

Then I had to call them, and ask if they got the email. They said “yes”. I have also called them about 5 or 6 times to ask for an update. I am very friendly each time.

But, the person responsible for actually getting the contract signed seems to be busy…..very very busy.

Since Gewobag has a legal standard for their homes, I do not feel the need to see the apartment. I have seen the location. Its perfect for me.

So now I just wait….and wait.