It has been a long time since I bought a major article of clothing. Socks, underwear, those are easy. But Pants or t-shirts can be a bit of a challenge in small towns.

So, I went onto Amazon for Germany and found my size and the style with color. But, when it arrived, it was way way off. The size was way to small, and sadly, it was made in Bangladesh. After what I saw in the news about how people are treated there in the textile industry, I sent them back. I have no idea what they use for measuring, and I do not want to support the profiting off of slaves in that country.

Now from what I heard, but cannot prove, Walmart, target, and other major textile companies use these same suppliers.

So, these major brand names are not allowed in Germany, but I would not be surprised if they were in Europe under another name or subsidiary.

So, that being said, I was trying to decide what to do! Drive to the major city, or use a local shop. Well, an acquaintance told me to check out a specific local store. But I have seen it, and it looks very expensive from the outside. She corrected me, it was actually very reasonable. So, I want there, and was shocked to find the range of prices from 10€ to 100€ for pants. But, due to my autism, and how many place to look for pants, I had to ask for help. A very kind lady (and very cute) walked me over to a corner that I would not have checked myself. She looked at my waist, and leg length, and told me my size…..sadly, she was on the money. 

They only had one pair of pants in my size at 10€, and it was beige. Not my first choice, but the black ones were too much.

So, I tried them on. I was miffed……they fit perfectly on the waist, but the legs were too long. I walked out of the small dressing room. She instantly said they can set the right length to what ever I wanted for €5. I was sold. Light cotton, and a good color for the summer.

I bought a nice t-shirt and some new socks. Returned on Friday to pick up the pants. I was all set. A good name brand, good price, and good fit all around.