A few friends here, and in the states, have asked me for an email that they can use with the cmp address. I guess thats because it is so short and easy. They can also have it any way they want. I was not expecting that. So, I will open up the cmp.one website to provide emails. The only benefit of it is that it is short, simple and most any name is available. I am sure that if enough people get an email, then it might be different. But, cmp.one is a very short web address. So, if you want am email, send me a request by joining the site, then posting the name you want for your email. If this gets bigger, then I will put in a system that allows automation. But, for now, that is not needed.

How to apply….

Sign up to this website

Then send a request to support@cmp.one for your email request. This email service will be free. There are limits on attachment sizes for files. Please allow me a little time to get it set up. If the email name is taken, I will let you know. Some functioning email names will automatically be excluded for obvious technical reasons.