I realize that Germany does have some backward ways of official business. But this one is an eye opener from a cultural prospective. I am very inclined to get a motorcycle license. Right now I can ride a scooter that goes 45 Kph. This is not fast, but, it is fast enough for doing things in town. It also gets me to Kassel Germany without any issue. Kinda gives you folks an idea of where I might live.

So, recently there is an obvious, and undeniable shift in transportation. Locally in all towns. Escooters are now just about everywhere. Quick, cheap to run, and novel. But, the reason for the motorcycle for myself is because of the new laws and the love of riding. So, what has happened.

Last year the government “Regierung” has now passed a law that allows people with a car license to ride and operate a “125 CC motorcycle”. There are a few rules to follow to get this privilege, but its not much. 

Now due to the other new law coming into effect in 9 years, there is a noticeable optic in motorcycle purchases. This new law is that all new cars purchased after the year 2030 will only be Electric. No more new car sales of ICE (internal combustion engine). So what is also happening is that motorcycle companies are now shifting away from gas engines. I cannot say that they are moving as fast as car makers though.

Now don’t panic. if you are buying a used car, or own an older model, you can still use it until it dies. However, I have to warn you…it might become expensive, and socially distasteful in the eyes of the general public if you are using a gas car in the year 2031. I would guess that the cost of repairs and gas prices will skyrocket.

So, as for the new license, I am told that I will need 13 hours of practice, and classroom learning. Then I go to get the new license. But, if you have not had a license for 5 years or more, then you will have to wait. I guess they want people to have a minimal of driving experience before they start riding.

Now if you want to buy a 3 wheeled motorcycle with a normal drivers license. Just go buy the bike….get the plates, and insurance. Then your set to go.

So, I am saving the money, taking the course, then I can ride to southern Germany and visit the mountains on my motorcycle.

OH! I should mention….scooters at 45 Kmh are NOT allowed on the highway “Autobahn”. Seriously, you will get in big trouble.