My friend lives in a small town north of me. She is a very kind lady in her mid 60’s. She absolutely loves her Kengal dogs. I will tell you this, these dogs are huge. Friendly as can be, but huge. You also can see that if they do not like you or think you are dangerous, you are in serious danger.

So, anyways. The other day she mentions that with the heat she thinks its time to buy an air-conditioner. So, she asked me to help get her one. I did. It was mailed to her house. Somehow she managed to get it up the long flight of stairs into her house.

I also bought her a window adapter so the vent could fit into the window, and allow the hot air to get out. But, it is a bit tricky to install it. So, today I rode up on my scooter to visit, and install everything.

Yes, the ride was hot. But, it did not seem to bother me when i got up to speed.

When I arrived, the dogs started barking  as usual. She greeted me at the door, and led me to the room with the A/C. I Installed the adapter, vent tube, and started it all up. Her 2 youngest Kengals did not know what to think of the machine. The noise, and the cool air confused them. But, after a half hour, then were laying down, and seemed very comfortable. My friend brought in a bottle of cold water, and we sat and chat for a while. She even admitted that she felt very comfortable in the room now.

As I said my good byes to her and some of the other dogs, my favorite Kangal of 6 years old herd me and was talking. So I said a quick hello. The dog looked unhappy when I left so quickly.

I had to leave quickly though. Clouds were forming, and you could tell that storms were starting to pop up. Being on a scooter is not the best in the rain.

So, I got home, and took a quick shower to get rid of the sweat, and rested. This was a nice day for me.

Oh! I forgot to mention. Due to the law being changed for motorcycles in Germany I asked my friend to tell her neighbor that I would buy his motorcycle. Now that I can ride it legally, So, in a few months, I hope to be riding a nice mid size motorcycle on the roads at normal speed limits.