I am not sure how many people out there read the bible. Its odd how many turn away as soon as anything about the bible is mentioned. But that is what this post is about. I am reading the book of numbers. Yes, some parts are boring, but hey, not everything has to be intense or dramatic.

In this particular paragraph. I read that the Lord says that he fills the whole earth with his glory. I find that to be an eye opener. Why? Because so many seem to think or say that the Earth is a prison, or that the middle of the Earth is hell.

But it also shows that the Lord can and does still hear us, and will grant us our wishes. Especially, but not limited to our own selfish or pride filled desires.

I will refer you back to one of my older posts. Since I came to Germany, I have not had much money, but I have a son, my health, a full belly and friends. Back in USA, I had none of those. I almost became homeless, hungry, and my health was getting worse.

Clearly I have been given a miracle of reprieve.

Now as things have changed, I pray very often. I have also been given the chance to buy a small used motorcycle. I may be able to visit the alps in a year or two.

This would not have been possible before.

So that’s it for this post.

May you find grace in your life.