This will affect the global world for computers at homes. Microsoft just announced that they will be upgrading their software again. But this time…

This time I have read that there will be two new angles to the number 11 version.

The first angle will be for sales. But, these sales will not be with their Microsoft office program. This will be a push in sales for gaming online. You see, they are going to push for more cloud computing, and less software to be used at home. In short, more dependence on the internet.

How will they do this? By making one shift which has already been done. They will make the Windows 11 compatible with Linux. This means that games you would be playing on your cell phone or handy will now be compatible with your home PC.

You might as what Linux is. Well, its your cell phone or handy. Its Android! Literally, Linux is the big creator of Android. But, sadly, this does NOT apply to Apple phones. NOT one bit.

So, what does this mane for the future of windows? Well, until now people though windows would just keep building itself, but nope! It has finally decided to merge with Linux.

By the way, in case you are wondering what program is used on laptops for Linux? Their latest version for laptops is called Unbuntu. Believe me, Unbuntu is very very good. It looks a lot like windows in some respects. But beyond that it is its own Operating system. Internet access is actually faster and more secure with Unbuntu than with windows. Why you might ask? Well, microsoft spent tons of money on selling its own product, but it was never a very strong design. Linux on the other hand, did not spend much money to sell its product, but its operational system was solid, and much more safe. Linux is used everywhere. You as the end user just had no idea about it. 

Do not be surprised if you start hearing about Linux in computer chats in the near future. Especially now that Bill Gates has left the company.

Here is the link to get Unbuntu for your computer if you want to “try it”, which you actually can do! Unbuntu is a totally free system!

Here is the link: