My friend in USA is going to start an autism ranch. What does this mean?

Autism is now becoming a largely recognized state of being these days. More and more people are now aware of it. But, the support system for this is not yet in place. Not in a universally standardized way.

This is where my friend Jennifer come in. She has a son who has autism. She discovered that once the autistic child reaches 18 years old, the current system stops helping. Adulthood autism is more about how to survive in a neurotypical world.

This Autistic Ranch will be a type of school where the awareness of aspergers meets the education for asperger families.

Imagine having a family bringing their child or young adult to this ranch, and through close supervision, the student is able to open their mind and enjoy the physical communication of a horse. From care, to riding.

Once the website for this ranch is up and running, I will post it here. I think this will be an opportunity that will grow into a national brand, and garner international attention to all forms of autistic families and individuals alike.

Here is an article she wrote: