In my lifetime I can say that this is becoming a joke. A seriously dreadful, dark humored joke. Yes, I am referring to Google, facebook, instagram, tiktok, and most other social media. Why? Well look at how it all started. Innocent, curious, full of good potential! Now, dark, manipulative, more powerful than the democracy leaders, and a destroyer of the founding fathers initiatives. I am not just talking about the USA. This is world wide.

The internet as a whole has become a blessing for humanity in a few specific respects. Communication, understanding other cultures better. Facts about events around the world.

At first, these were fun to watch, and informative, but as a few of these ideal digital inventors saw new opportunities, they also found an unmitigated source of power and money.

Now these investors have become internet demi-gods. Arrogant and narcissistic. They are also virtually untouchable. 

This issue with google seriously effecting what we receive in our hourly searches has affected our way of seeing the truth. People honestly are being fooled into fabricated information.

There is a lot of “buzz” going around that this might all stop, but this is a verbal waiting game. Military is supposedly making serious changes world wide to save us all from this treacherous group of investors and inventors. But not much has been seen. In fact, I have not seen anything happen that would suggest help has arrived. The only thing that I know for sure is that God is protecting us. Otherwise I think humans would have been long gone.

Even now, finding the truth about politics, medicine, vaccines, food, inventions, infrastructure, transportation, and more are nearly impossible to find through google search, and general search words are returning useless results. Even dated results from over a year ago.

if you know the website you need, then you are all set to go, but if you need help finding the website, google has become the twin of the failed company Yahoo! Its just a matter of time before we have another name come in and replace google.

Even Microsoft has switched its gears in the last few years. That internet using monster has now joined with Linux to further is growth. Why? Because the transitory behavior of humans is an unavoidable factor. If you do not adjust to the demands, you get left behind. Microsoft has reached its own peak, now it much join forces with the cellular phone world to keep itself in play. This is the reason for Windows 11. It will allow linux apps to function on the computer. This means all windows computers will be a mirror reflection of cell phones. 

So, what will happen with google, facebook and all the other internet things. I personally cannot say, but I will say my days of search engine use is coming to an end. I just do not trust any search engine to give me decent organic results. Its just not happening anymore.