As you might already know, I live near the center of Germany. The largest city near me is Kassel.

Yesterday I met my friend and we traveled to an “Ice Dealer” in Bad Karlshafen (bad Karls – hafen). Keep in mind that Germans say Ice Dealer, not Ice Cream store/shop.

So, when we got there, we sat out back. The view of the big river and huge camper / RV campground on the other side was just nice to look at. There is also a ferry that travels from Bad Karlshafen to another town. But I do not know if it stops anywhere, or is just a round trip, non stop ride. This town has a LOT of people coming through it.

So, the ice cream was amazing. Not good, or really good. It was amazing! I wanted more than 3 scoops of chocolate. But it was towards the end of the business day and they were starting to sell out of different flavors. Gee, I wonder why?

I will be going back as often as possible.

The whole visit was just a fun experience. The energy in the town was very happy. Unlike my home town.

Sadly I totally forgot the name of the but I can tell you it is on Weserstrasse. There is parking all around, but in some cases you can park right in front of the store. Other times, you might have to walk a few minutes. Please keep in mind that this ice cream shop is under new management so I do not think they have a website yet.

Oh! there is also a walkway on the back side right next to the river. Bides, walking, pets are all welcome to enjoy the view.

Sadly, Google earth does not offer a ground view at the street level. I guess they never sent a google car to map the area.