I want to give a personal thank you to everyone who has signed up to follow my posts from Germany. I did not expect many people to follow, but started this for my own fun. Now, for some odd reason I have over 50 people that have signed up so far. Starting from zero….that is pretty good in my opinion. So to each of you, again, thank you for following my website.

Also, if you are interested, I am opening the door to others in Germany, or any other country. If you or someone you know wants to write about things in your life – in an anonymous fashion – then I invite you to sign up to do so. An option to be an author on sign up will be started today. I would “dare” say that some of the people out there in the world might want to give their own truths as to what is happening in their part of the world. Good or bad! 

If others start to post their own news….I will update the title of the website to reflect appropriately, in honor of your efforts.