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I just got a phone call that was a surprise. My dear friend Eleanore called me. I was not expecting her call. She said that the guy who I was buying the motorcycle from is not doing so good. He was in recovery from the accident. But, he just received the vaccine a week ago. They do not expect him to live through the next few weeks. From what I understand, this vaccine is not actually approved for human use yet. But, governments are pushing it in the name of good health. Well, I will not be getting the vaccine. I will not be a guinea pig for its testing. Once it is FDA approved, then I will get it.

How ever, the story is about the motorcycle. So, When my friend got this information, she thought it would be best to offer to buy the motorcycle faster. Otherwise the family would throw it out because the father can no longer use it.

So she called me to say she has bought it, and I can then pay her off. So, in short, the motorcycle is now virtually mine. Its not the best way for the transaction, but at least the motorcycle will go to a home that will treat it very well.