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My friend and I visited the WILD WEST in Western stadt Pullman City
 Ruberting 30 · 94535 Eging am See Germany.

Here is the link:

We were lucky enough to have a special tour due to a friendship from there. This small town is quite incredible. The theme holds as true as possible to the authentic from the 17 . 1800’s. There is a familiar music theme that is blended in from TV shows, but it works really well. The sense of nostalgia will bring back childhood memories of TV and owning your first silver plated cap-gun.

Their animals are also quite shocking. They have actual bison and longhorn cattle. There is also a small history museum of some authentic aboriginal tribal clothing.

The food is pretty awesome. From very authentic and high quality semi western dishes to more moderns modern day food in a western style theme setting.

You can buy lots of Western themed clothing as well. They have some very nice gift shops. The central parade is actually fun to watch, and learn from as well. I was able to enjoy a ride around a part of the park with a guided horse ride. The horses are very well behaved and tame.

The really awesome part about this place is that it is open year round, and it does not matter what the weather is.

There is an entrance fee, but it is reasonable for what is offered. Plenty of parking!

Its now been over 24 hours later and I am still there in my mind.