Well, it has become a bit boring around my area. The town is mostly quiet. The covid scare has lessened. I guess people are learning that the government has been scaring people on purpose for what ever reason they have.

That being said, I have another website that is growing fast. Unfortunately this site has become stagnant. No one is reading. Of course this does make sense as there is no real news of interest. So, with that being said…..I regret to say that I will be letting this content go. I will be pointing this website to the other one called The Oceans Secret.com. Which is about global weather changes and pollution. In short, its focused news on the oceans and effects around the globe from the warming of the Earth.

What I will not do is automatically add anyone’s email to the other website. I will simply delete the email database. This is for your protection and your right to chose what is done with your email.

So, to close, thank you to those who followed me on this site….and I hope to see you on the other site.