Angela Merkel and her party have commented on possibly putting the mask mandate back into effect in its strongest form. Also, they are considering a stronger push for people to get the vaccine. But, the local lawmakers in each state are saying that will not happen. It would be illegal. But, requiring testing can be allowed. The bottom line, its not clear who is in charge and how far any economy should go before the virus is more important than the humans have the right to live their own lives.

There are some important arguments, but at the stage we are in, arguments are being changed into question of legal vs illegal confrontations. Its a step backwards for the human mind and human kind. 

Are we being manipulated into constant fight or flight mode?

Then we are also getting hit with weather phenomena that seems unprecedented. Flooding, Storms, tornadoes, hail the size of large fruit, and its going to get worse?

At some point, people will stop worrying about being paid, and become more worried about their family health, and home.