Just too many hack attempts on the website. Fake emails, and fake stories. I guess there are a lot of people who just want to play around and cause chaos. Well, I am forced to just post things without anyone getting emails now. Sorry if you were a good member in good standing. I will continue to post things here, but the notification or sign up has been removed.

My other website seems to be getting better attention, lots of visitors and good stories.


In fact, there are many more stories on that website then on this one.

I will write again in the future, but right now, things in Germany are in a loop. Political voting is going to take place soon. The corona “issue” is in a state of mass confusion. The problem is now about main stream media and what it is reporting. It seems that the facts are being left out, and commentary or opinions are replacing them. This is a critical systemic failure. It is causing millions to start questioning critical issues that were once conspiracy.