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Arriving in Germany in 2011 was somewhat of a blur. I guess I was very tired from the flight. I cannot seem to sleep on airplanes. Once we landed, My girlfriend and I went to a special claims section to wait for her cat to be given to us, and then have an “airport vet” assess if the cat can can be allowed into Germany. In short, instant admittance, or two week quarantine. I guess the vet was busy. So, the security guard was told to “assess the cat”. But, the cat had relieved itself in the pet container, so the guard decided very quickly to just take the cat and go.

We met her parents, and this is where my entry into Germany stops, and my experience begins.

On the way to my girlfriends home town, I pretty much slept. Its funny how I could not get a bit of sleep on the airplane, but in a very packet car I was able to pass out completely.

Now let me get one thing on the page before I forget, Meeting her parents was a lot of fun, but when the inevitable new boyfriend interview came up, it did not go well at all. There was clear prejudice from the start.

Never the less, I was welcomed in their home (sort of). The biggest problem they had was my age, and my lack of ability to speak German. But, thankfully, this was not the norm for Germany, it was more of just how some folks believed.

The plan was to have my girlfriend teach me German slowly, but somehow, this fell by the wayside. To this day she never really gave a solid reason as to why, and even her parents were disappointed and confused.

The Ice Cubes

Yes, its true, after being in Germany for less than a few days, I was dying for an ice cold drink. But, I had no idea that Germans do not have a culture of ice in their drinks. Even fast food restaurants did not server ice unless you asked for it. So, on the second or third day, we went to visit some friends or extended family. I guess they wanted to meet me. When we got there, I asked my girlfriend to ask them if they had ice. They did! I had my first ICE WATER in over a week. I treasured it like it would be my last experience with ICE ever again.