Life in Germany as an American, and the whole experience.


I left USA for a number of reasons. I was living in Massachusetts. This is a very mentally intense state to live in. Higher level of education is a must, or education in a field of blue collar skills that requires one to start learning young. Believe me, white or blue collar is only a label for the type of work you do, but, either skill set is very critical.

The system back in the 1970’s was not able to adapt to people with learning or comprehension issues. Things like Autism, Aspergers, or other learning disabilities were not incorporated into the schools standards for curriculum. They simply did not have enough information about these diagnoses. So folks like myself were pushed through the system, and forced to adapt as best they could. Skip years ahead to the future and you have society of Autistic and or asperger folks who have learned to survive in a huge range of careers, or other means.

I personally am still trying to figure it out.

So, a few years back, I was in a very tough spot. I was working at CVS, a drug store chain. I will talk about them in one of my daily blogs.

But, sufficient to say my coping, personal, and stress skill levels were not enough to stay employed there. The difficulties were beyond what my mind could allow. Me fear levels went through the roof every single day. Then with the cost of rent, car costs, and health insurance, I realized I was in the process of becoming homeless in the near future. Oddly enough, that is when I met this German woman.  Somehow we fell in love, or became enchanted or enamored. She said she wanted to move back to Germany.

At that time, I just had a car accident with a huge tire in the road, in the night time. The Insurance company said it was my fault, so my prices went up, the repair costs emptied my bank.

Even the taxi ride was taking the change out of my pocket. I realized that no one cared, least of all the system. So, a week or two later, I talked to her and said, I agreed to move to Germany with her, and sold my car for a few thousand dollars. It was my only move left. I got a nice rental for a week, put in my CVS resignation (they totally did not give a shit). A week later we were on the plane to Germany. That was it…..goodbye USA and the dangers of being homeless….or dead.

Thankfully, here in Germany, I owe the country my life, but sadly I cannot work. They recognize this, and have no problem. They give me a small apartment, and my job is to be a good father, and make sure my German born son is raised well. Thank you Germany, you saved my life when the USA turned its back.

So, I am writing this blog to tell others about Germany, and how things work. I have good friends here, and have a chance to live. Now that I have a son, my life has real meaning, and I am dedicated to being as good of a father as I can be.

Sadly, there are many adventures I will never be able to take him on, such as fun parks, or seeing the mountains because of my fixed costs of living, but, just being together is a miracle I appreciate every single day.